‘n Ma / A mom

Written June 2020

I wrote this for my mom for her birthday last year.

“I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me” – unknown

Me and mom!

‘n Ma

‘n Ma is ‘n geskenk wat op aarde geplaas is sodat ons die waarde van liefde kan verstaan.

‘n Ma gee oneindige liefde sonder dat

Iets terug verwag word.

A mother

A mother is a gift that is on earth placed so that we can understand the value of love.

A mother gives unconditional love without               

any expectations.

‘n Ma het ‘n hart van staal, nie dat sy hard is van binne nie maar dis hard om vir ons te wys met deursettingsvermoe  kan jy enigiets bereik.

A mother has a heart of steel, not that she’s hard on the inside but it’s hard to show us with perseverance you can achieve anything

‘n Ma is ‘n engel wat saam met jou sal lag en as jy hartseer is sal sy jou trane afvee en vir jou se als sal uitwerk soos dit moet.

‘n Ma is ‘n verpleegster wat by jou bed sal bly, medisyne aandra, seker maak jy eet ietsie en dan kry jy sommer rooibostee met ‘n blommetjie op die piering.

A mother is an angel who will laugh with you and if you are sad she will wipe away your tears and tell you that everything would work out as it should.

A mother is a nurse who will stay by your bed, bring medicine, make sure you eat something and then you just get “rooibos tea” with a flower on the saucer.

‘n Ma is ‘n skrywer wat vir ons goed laat verstaan dat ons moet trots voel dat Afrikaans ons moedertaal is.

A mother is a writer who makes it clear to us that we should feel proud that Afrikaans is our mother tongue.

‘n Ma is ‘n onderwyseres wat vir ons gewys het dan lees belangrik is want niemand kan kennis van jou af wegneem nie.

‘n Ma is ‘n chef wat voor sonsopkoms opstaan om kos voor te berei vir skool en laat aand koek sal bak omdat dit jou verjaarsdag is die volgende dag.

‘n Ma sal deur vuur vir jou stap, vlieg oor oseane ongeag hoe ver dit mag wees.

A mother is a teacher who showed us that reading is important because no one can take knowledge away from you.

A mother is a chef who gets up before sunrise to prepare food for school and will bake cake late at night because it’s your birthday the next day.

A mother will walk through fire for you, flying over oceans no matter how far it may be.

‘n Ma sal jou seer of teleurstellings toewerk met raad, lang gesprekke, lang stappies op die plaas, vars blomme vir jou gee of jou bederf met boeretroors en beskuit.

A mother will fix your disappointments with advice, long conversations, long walks on the farm, giving you fresh flowers or spoiling you with coffee and rusks.

‘n Ma is iemand wat vir jou wys dat die klein dingetjies in die lewe belangrik is.

Hierdie is my ma en volgens my is sy die beste ma wat enige kind kan voor vra.

Dankie ma.

A mother is someone who shows you that the little things in life are important.

This is my mother and in my opinion she is the best mother any child can ask for.

Thank you mom.


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