Jungle trekking in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

November 2020

Every year I try to go somewhere new where I can relax and just rewind even if its local. Of course with the current situation traveling was limited but I am grateful that I live in such a beautiful country, Thailand that we were still allowed to travel locally but of course with restrictions.

The rainy season ended and it was the beginning of ‘cool season’ so I decided to go somewhere unique, authentic and where I can admire breathtaking landscapes. I had a conversation with a colleague and she gave me an idea of this trekking experience, I was excited just to talk about it, it was even in my thoughts and a dream so it was definitely a sign. It was very last minute but I am so glad I made it happen thanks to a few people.

One overcast early morning in November I woke up and decided its time to plan that trip so I made myself a coffee, e-mailed a few companies to get information. Finally back and forth e-mails I came across “Chiang Mai Trekking” as I wanted to do jungle trekking but because of the current global situation they don’t have a lot of tourists and its usually better to that with someone and I usually travel solo and there is nothing wrong with that, its just in certain situations its better to experience it with someone. After a couple of days they informed me another guy from Bangkok will join the tour, I was over the moon when I’ve heard the good news.

Next thing I knew I was on a plane to Chiang Mai, it was the first time in about 13 months that I was on a plane. It was only an hour and 20 minutes flight. This was my third time to Chiang Mai and I must tell you I will never get sick of the north. Chiang Mai has so much to offer – culture, history, nature, amazing food and so much more. The first time I went to Chiang Mai was for a yoga retreat, then with a trip with my mom 2 years ago and last month a jungle trekking.

“Chiang Mai trekking” is located in Old town in Chiang Mai, quiet area. Here is their website if you would like more information – https://www.chiangmai-trekking.com They also have a few rooms on site where I’ve stayed 2 nights and they kept my luggage while we were jungle trekking. I was welcomed by the friendly hosts, stayed there for one night before the trekking was about to begin the following morning.

After a lovely breakfast and an americano I’ve met Alex, the guy from Bangkok. He is from India and was so excited to have a ‘travel buddy’ cause if it wasn’t for him and Chiang Mai trekking I probably wouldn’t have been able to go on the tour. We’ve stopped at a local market to buy some supplies for the trip and then went to a waterfall, called “Mork Fa waterfall”, its located in  located in the area of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, about 40 minutes from Chiang Mai. Its surrounded by lush green trees and streams.

The waterfall is originated from the stream that runs from the thick wood and separates into two streams falling from the stone cliff. It was so relaxing just to listen to the sound of the water. Waterfalls are definitely my favorite form of water. There is something just magical about the sound of waterfalls. We are drawn to beauty. hen the sight and sound of waterfalls combined, you can’t help but put a smile.

How to get to Mork Fa Waterfall

How to get there:

About an hour (45km) from Chiang Mai dive along highway no. 107. Mork Fa Waterfall is located on the Mae Malai-Pai road. Take a left turn at Km. 19 onto a dirt road for 2 kilometers.

Contact information:

Contact Tel +66 (0)53 210 246, +66 (0)53 2 10 244

We made a quick lunch stop at a local village and took some pictures. It was fried rice with some chicken, just enough so we can get some stamina, I had no idea what I let myself in for 🙂 I am glad I made a new friend. The tour guide was actually from one of the local villages and he could speak English too.

He parked the car, it was only the 3 of us. Me, Alex and Song (tour guide), everything we needed were in our backpacks. I was in my element, of course I don’t do this very often but I love being out in nature, definitely my kind of holiday.

I expected it to be cooler but the temperature was still hot. Its supposed to be ‘cool season’ but oh well I guess 2020 came with a lot of surprises. We hiked the mountains on narrow paths and some parts were narrow. I slipped a few times, maybe I enjoyed the view too much LOL.. Song gave us a lot of information about the area, etc.. We stopped in between to drink some water which is very important and took pictures and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know both of them and also just being in nature.

Late afternoon we have arrived in Lahu village. This is actually village that Song was from. Lahu; The lives of Lahu people evolves around wishes and decency in lives such as ages, wealth, happiness and health, carefree, fertility and prosperity. Lahu in their language actually means ‘human’ and just because the village is in Thailand it is not similar to Thailand. They have their own language which is only spoken the village. Interesting fact in Lahu language they have one word which means hello, goodbye and thank you and this word is “Awboja”. There were not a lot of people there cause most of them went home but still enjoyed every moment of it.

When we got there we took a walk, there were a few animals and it reminded me of my childhood, i grew up on a farm and it was really a wonderful reminder. We went to unpack and then took a dip in the river.

The sun was about to set and Song and some of the locals made dinner for us. The town I live in is usually polluted, I always look up and try to see the stars so when I was there at the village and saw all those stars and moonlight I really embraced that opportunity. You have to see the beauty in every day.

The second day we started the day with coffee, pancakes and fresh fruit. Just so you know in this village there were no hot water or electricity so I definitely did not expect pancakes for breakfast so I felt spoilt. I know people like different things but if i have to choose sleeping in a 7 star hotel or camping like this experience I would definitely choose the second option, its more me if you know what I mean.

After breakfast we had to say goodbye and then we took a bamboo river rafting for about 2 hours. The raft they built in literally 30 minutes. I was really impressed by that. We stopped for lunch again and then we took the drive back to Chiang Mai.

If i had more time i would have done the 2 nights and 3 days but I hope I can experience something like this again in the future. I just didn’t want to leave but I am so grateful for the memories, for the food and also the great people I’ve met. It was one of the best trips ever. I think traveling or experience something is an investment in yourself, you see the world differently, you’re out of your comfort zone. This world is a beautiful place, you just have to see it. Thank you.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” – Anita Desai


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Hi there! My name is Ané du Preez and I am from South-Africa. I am a teacher, writer and a solo traveler. I love learning about other cultures and traditions. I love good coffee, having interesting conversations and I love traveling. This blog is to share my wonderful adventures with all of you. I’ve been discovering the gems of mother nature and its amazing people. Join me as we venture into the beauty and inspiration that is all around us. I am an advocate for all to live their life to the fullest. To travel is to live!

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  1. Had hoped to go to Chiang Mai last February but changed plans at the last minute because of COVID beginning to surge. Your photos are lovely and make me hopeful to get there sometime in the future!


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