Cycle tour through Bangkok, Thailand.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity” – Isaac Newton

It’s an early Tuesday morning in July in Thailand, I still can smell the rain from last night but it looks like it’s going to be just a perfect day. I’ve stayed in a cozy Bed and breakfast in Sukhomvit area, Bangkok for one night which is quite central and took a BTS (train) to meet up with the tour and will definitely recommend this B & B, it literally felt like home. From the outside they have these beautiful wooden framed doors, loved the interior, background music and comfortable beds, sometimes you just need a break from your every day life and I am so glad I did it. The Bed and breakfast is called “hide & seek hometel” if you are interested to look it up. It’s necessary to make time for yourself and do something that you love.

So let the fun begin, I took the train to the closest train station to meet up with the tour. They do offer pick-ups at the hotel but because I was only one stop away I’ve decided to meet them at their offices. The company is called “Bangkok Bike Adventure”. We got to the offices and V, he is Thai and will be our guide for the day, very exciting. There was a family of 5 from Denmark and then me. He helped us to get the bicycles, fit our helmets and let’s go.

The tour takes about 4 hours in total. They offer a variety of tours but I’ve decided to experience something they call it “Jungle bike tour”, you’ll find out why in a minute. We’ve started with Queen Sirikit Park, it was built in 1992 to celebrate the queen’s 60th birthday. From there we went to a local market to see all the fresh fruits, fish and so much more and from there we’ve passed local houses, through backstreets of Bangkok to get to the pier and of course, this was my favorite part.


We got to Chao Phraya River pier to cross to Bang Krachao island. Chao Phraya River is one of the major rivers in Thailand. On a humid morning, we got on a long wooden tail boat with our bicycles for a short trip to get to Bang Krachao which is also known as the green lung because if you look on the map its the shape of a lung.

foto 8 - BK

Who would ever thought in Bangkok where traffic is always hectic, it’s crowded there is a gem like ‘the green lung’ that actually exists? Bangkok is not for everyone, I definitely think its one of those cities that need to grow on you, well that’s in my thoughts. I’ve been to Bangkok now numerous times and still, there is always something new to experience, to see, to discover and that is actually the beauty of travel. You don’t always have to go abroad to travel, you can do it locally. I am so glad I’ve found it. If you have a spare morning in your trip in Bangkok make sure you do visit this. I am the most happiest when I am in nature so I came here and ‘the green lung’ is peaceful. Although Bangkok has a lot of greenery to offer, this place really stood out for me.
You won’t see any cars here as the cement roads are very narrow and its specifically designed for scooters or bicycles but be careful when you ride as mentioned the roads are very narrow.


Bangkok treehouse


V took us here too, beautiful luxurious treehouse. It’s an eco-friendly boutique property with rooms to create that feeling that you sleep actually in a jungle. They do have a restaurant as well but its a little bit more pricy here so just to be aware to pay ‘luxury’ prices but they have extremely friendly staff and they don’t mind if you come in and take a few pictures. Its a very unique spot and it’s right on the river so I can just imagine what sunsets must be from this exact spot – I am sure it is magical.
I’ve felt definitely refreshed after surrounded by nature and being on my bicycle in peace and quiet.  After this trip, we’ve stopped at a local restaurant to have some lunch and fresh fruit before heading back.

foto 3- BK

You don’t have to go on a tour, you can all this by yourself if you are just interested in the “green lung”. I just wanted to do the cycling through Bangkok as well and at the ‘green lung’ they have maps and they have bicycles to rent.
What to take:
• Lots of water
• Sunscreen
• Wear closed shoes and breathable shirt (its hot in Thailand)

This was a morning well spent. We got back about 12:30pm, the tour is suitable for beginners too, so you just need to be a little bit fit I would say.  Thank you, V and Bangkok Bike adventure for an incredible day.   I will highly recommend them, you can find them on their website: I will never forget this day, it was great to see the Thai way of living, to taste the fresh fruit on a humid day and also just to spend time in nature was definitely a memorable day.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”


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