The beauty of remarkable artwork of Trang town, Thailand

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – unknown

Art is beauty that you can see or feel and its all around us, its a way of life.  Art is street art, its handmade jewelry, it can be a chocolate cake that is greatly presented, it can be a beautiful front gate of a house or it can be even a rainbow, there is no right or wrong if its art of not, it can be anything that you see as artwork because everyone sees things differently and that is the true beauty and uniqueness of life and to appreciate the beauty – that is the art of life.   You just got to stop sometimes and take in all your surroundings.

Yesterday I drove around in my town, Trang where its been my home for the last 9 months and there is always something new to discover.  This town and its people has got a very special in my heart.  If you ever come to Thailand please visit Trang, you will truly have the real cultural experience and you will have the time of your life. Here is some artwork that I would like to share with you.

So the Tuk-Tuk (public transport are really popular here).  It is a frog looking tricycle and it was imported from Japan in 1956.  These are handmade and painted and it can be seen right here in Trang, I just admire the detail that goes into a project like this.


And why not stop for a selfie while you’re at it 🙂  I love the creativity of this town, it just give extra character to the town.

Have you ever heard of the saying love is all around? Well, I honestly can say that I feel the love when I walk or drive around this town.  Look what I have found.


This here below represent the people in the village of Koh Sukorn lifestyle.  Koh Sukorn is a large island  and its located near the Amphoe Pailian coast.  More than 2500 villagers earn their living from the fishery, rubber plantations and rice farming (in the past buffaloes were used to plough the land).  After the farming season watermelons were planted.  I love watermelons and the fruit of Thailand is just amazing (well apart from durian, I have tried it but it’s not my favorite).

And here below is also  to represent the lifestyle of the people in the village.  They are still busy finishing up this project but I have managed to capture a few of the statues, the details are just really outstanding.

This below are representing the bike trip to Andaman.  This is all made out of wood but my favorite is the Penny Farthing design, (penny farthing is the old currency of England) This specific design was actually originally designed by James Starley, a British engineer in the 1880’s.  I love old things and that people still keep the history and art alive.  History and art is part of who we are.

Enjoy and embrace the beauty of your surroundings.

“Be an artist of your life” – unknown



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