It is valentines day – Lets spread the love

“Darling don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” 


It is valentines day, lets spread the love even though I think over the years maybe it got too commercialized  and the meaning of valentines day is perhaps forgotten but to be honest i think every day should be about love and after all life is full of celebrations.  So let’s spread the love. We create moments and we create celebrations.

What is valentines day really about?  Valentines day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year in many countries.  People have celebrated over centuries in many countries and saying “I love you” in 100’s of languages.  Symbols of valentines day can be associated with greeting cards, red roses, heart shaped chocolates, teddy bears, love songs, romance – there are 100’s of things you can think of.If you think of valentines day, what words come to mind? It can be anything it can be red, romance, friendship, new beginnings, hope, heart beats, ect.


To be honest, I’ve never celebrated valentines day as I always was working previous years and then when I was in school they had valentines balls, you could exchange gifts if you had a high school crush or even just for a friend and there are even movies about valentines day,  can you believe it?   I think you should always believe in love, never give up on love just because you had a bad experience.

This year I am in Thailand and I think in my honest opinion love should always be celebrated, every day should be about love. Today its valentines day but no I am not wearing red but this morning when I got to school as a normal teachers day, the students were running up to me to stick red hearted stickers on me and to say “happy valentines day teacher” and I got a few red roses from the students and even a few valentines day cards that say “thank you for teaching me, I love you”, wow this has been amazing and an overwhelming feeling.  I totally didn’t expect that but I am so grateful I can teach these students.  There was this one moment in my class, so I was teaching P5 this morning (they are about 10 years old), then a P6 boy ran into the class gave a rose and a handwritten note to a girl and he didn’t even say a word, she blushed, so sweet.  Do you still remember the crush you had in high school?

I think there should be more unconditional love in the world, just spread it and embrace it.   Love is about trust, but its also a connection between a human being and an animal, between a parent and a child, between a couple.  Greet a stranger, tell the cashier next time “have a nice day”, smile to a child, give old /unwanted clothes to an old age home, send a postcard to a friend, call your mom, tell your partner “I love you” more often, make dinner for someone,  arrange to get flowers delivered to someone that you know.  It is the little things in life that absolutely count the most, we have to try to embrace it and just stop for a moment and breathe in, look at your surroundings and smile.  I think that is what love is all about.

On Valentine’s day I had the most amazing dinner and tea experience with 2 very good friends at a cozy Chinese restaurant just around the corner from where I live.  It is a small restaurant decorated with red Chinese lanterns and I felt really welcomed, luckily my one friend is Thai so he could do most of the translation as the menu’s are all in Thai and Chinese but they have pictures of the food so you can always just look at that and decide what you want to eat.  I couldn’t make up my mind as it all looked so good so I’ve started off with amazing dumplings.  I love new experiences, meeting new people and trying new things.  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day.  Please do share your experiences or valentines stories, I would love to hear it.


“When I look at you, I can feel it.  I look at you and I feel I’m home” – finding memo





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