3 island hopping tour in the South of Thailand!

“Collect moments, not things” 


Life is about creating endless moments, laugh, swim in the ocean, go for a hike or on a hot air balloon ride.

Thailand is full of mind-blowing islands and its something I definitely would recommend visiting some islands if you are planning to visit Thailand any time soon but also make sure your timing is right as the water is not always crystal clear as you would see on pictures.   I would say the best time to visit is between November and April as May – October is the rainy season.

On Saturday, the 3rd of February I had the opportunity to experience a full-day tour (3 island hopping tour) with a very good friend that came to visit me all the way from South-Africa and I just wanted to share this experience with you.  Please continue reading to read all about it. This tour includes 3 islands (the names are Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Chueak).  Koh means island in Thai in case you didn’t know that 🙂

We have started the day with clear skies and why not going on an island tour that i wanted to do for so long but I have postponed it for different reasons and even I live in Thailand now, time is still limited.   It’s a great day to do an island trip, I don’t always get a chance to do this but when I do get the chance I grab it with both hands.  We got picked up by friendly driver on Saturday morning and we drove to Pakmeng pier, its only a 40-45 minute drive from Trang.  At Pakmeng pier you get welcomed by the staff and you can start your day with a light breakfast and some fresh coffee before you go on the boat.

Koh Mook island

The first island we have visited is Koh Mook which is in the Kantang district.  One activity that makes this island really popular is to see the Marakot cave (Emerald cave).  Its a short boat ride from the main section of the island.  The cave got an 80 m long tunnel.   The cave got its name from the phenomenon that occurs when the sun shines on the water, which reflects colored light all over the cave’s wall.  This can only be seen between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm.

So we went through this cave we got to the other side and the water is green and on the sand, there are lots of trees, it looks almost like a jungle but wow, I just sat on a rock there on the sand and just look at this beautiful color of the water, the sky, and just appreciated the beauty of pure nature.

Koh Kradan

We had lunch here just before we got to Koh Kradan.

IMG-20180203-WA0079[1]IMG-20180203-WA0116[1]I visited Koh Kradan in September last year which is actually still off season and if you look at the pictures from then and now, it doesn’t even look like the same island.  Koh kradan is one of my favorite islands,  its idyllic and it is just really stunning and its a perfect place just to do absolutely nothing apart from reading, long walks on the beach and snorkeling.  There are a few swings and trees which is amazing for photo opportunities or just relaxation and take everything in.  There aren’t really many tourists which is nice but this will all depend on the time of the year you do visit.

This time I and Gloria just took photos, we swam and just enjoyed the sand between our toes and I have just admired that breathtaking view and was thinking wow, this view or feeling I can not put into words, its impossible.

Koh Chueak island

This is the last island we have visited before ending our trip.  Chueak means actually rope in Thai.  This is a small island but still very beautiful and we did some snorkeling here and you can see beautiful and colorful fish even from the boat.

I hope I can visit some more stunning islands soon.  Every experience is unique, it doesn’t matter you travel to, if you travel to an island or go for a hike or a game drive in Africa or on a hot air balloon ride, every experience is unique on its own way and all you have to do is to embrace it and just enjoy the pure beauty of nature.

If you have a favorite island you have visited in Thailand please share your experience or photos.



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